Vascular Surgery Exam Prep

eBook Companion for Audible Bleeding Podcast Series

Audible Bleeding


February 4, 2024


This content was developed to accompany our Audible Bleeding Exam Prep podcast series. Each chapter covers a key domain of vascular surgery, essential for board review preparation, and is associated with an Audible Bleeding episode which you can access through the link embedded into the text.

Editors: Adam P Johnson; Matt Smith; and Audible Bleeding Team

Version 01.26


This e-book is intended to be a high level, easily accessible review for exam preparation and paired with our podcast content to help streamline your studying.

Please consider this a “living document.” We plan to post regular updates and respond to your feedback. We are utilizing an open source annotations software called to allow you to take note along side our e-book. Feel free to post your notes publicly if you think other readers would benefit from your additions, or create a small private group for your local trainees of faculty members. We will work to incorporate relevant notes and additions into future editions.

We are excited to provide our readers and listeners a free and open opportunity to contribute to this work. However, we do expect that you follow a Contributor Code of Conduct. Public annotations and feedback are considered contributions and by contributing to this ebook, you agree to abide by its terms.

Creative Commons License
This ebook is (and always will be) free, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

Additional Resources

We hope you use this e-book as a high level review for your exam preparation. This resource is by no means comprehensive. We have done our best to reference and link to more comprehensive resources throughout the text so that you can dive deeper into topics that are beyond the scope of this review. We try to prioritize open access publications and free, high quality, unbiased materials. A few highly recommended additional resources include:

  • Rutherford’s Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy
    • No vascular surgeon bookshelf is complete without a copy of this book sitting on it!

    • Of note, our review book references the 9th edition of Rutherford’s, however there is a new edition (10th) has just been released in June 2022.

    • Many institutional libraries carry this book and can be accessed for free. We would recommend checking with that resource prior to purchasing yourself.

    • Some industry representatives offer text book purchasing programs, so check with them prior to purchasing yourself.

  • VESAP6
    • This is the premier question bank for preparing for the vascular surgery boards.

    • Some industry representatives offer text book purchasing programs and include this as an option, so check with them prior to purchasing yourself.

    • A new version of VESAP is released every 2-3 years, and once a new one is release, the older versions are no longer accessible. Make sure to check the release schedule so that you can time your purchase to align when you will need to do the majority of your exam preparation.

  • SVS Education Website
    • Check this site regularly for free content through the SVS. This is available to all candidate members of the SVS, so sign up!
    • This is a curated curriculum developed in collaboration with Association for Program Directors in Vascular Surgery (APDVS)

    • Check with your program director to confirm whether this is available at your training program.

Comments, Questions or Contributions

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